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The Berea Sandstone, informally known as the Berea Grit, was used by early settlers for grindstones and later as an important building stone. Many buildings in Ohio and indeed in the eastern United States were constructed from Berea Sandstone. It is still quarried in northern Ohio.

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10-5-2017 · 2. GEOLOGIC FRAMEWORK Stratigraphy The Berea Sandstone is the uppermost Devonian unit in eastern Kentucky (Fig. 2-1). Both the Bedford Shale and Berea Sandstone were once considered part of the lowest Mississippian, but fossil plant spores from the Bedford subsequently indicated a Late Devonian age (Molyneux et al., 1984; Coleman and Clayton ...

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File:Berea Sandstone-Sunbury Shale contact (Tener Mountain roadcut, southern Ohio, USA) 4 (35733168661).jpg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Jump .

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The Berea Sandstone is well-known due to its extensive quarrying history and its use in many historic structures not only locally, but around the United States. According to geologists, the Berea Sandstone dates back to the Late Devonian, which was about 359 – 383 million years ago. This was long before the existence of dinosaurs!

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The Berea Sandstone is a principal oil and gas reservoir in eastern Ashland County. It is stratigraphically situated above the red and gray Bedford shales and below the black Sunbury shale member of the Cuyahoga Formation, all of which are Late Devonian or Early Mississippian in age. In the study area, the Berea Sandstone is found at depths between 400 and 800 ft. It outcrops in an arcuate ...

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Berea Sandstone, also known as Berea Grit, is a sandstone formation in the U.S. states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West ia, and Kentucky. It is named after Berea, Ohio. The sandstone has been used as a building stone and is a source of oil and gas.

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Presentation given November 2014: The Upper Devonian Berea Sandstone is a major natural gas and oil reservoir in eastern Kentucky. Oil and gas production dates back to the early 1900's.

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Bedford Shale, Berea Sandstone, and Sunbury Shale. The composite section we will observe on this trip represents a major transgressive-regressive sequence deposited in the western Appalachian Basin, and is capped by the subsequent transgressive deposits of the Sunbury Shale. Late Devonian-Early Mississippian Paleogeography.—

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The Upper Devonian Berea Sandstone has been a major producer of natural gas in eastern Kentucky for decades, but recent horizontal drilling in northeastern Kentucky has generated new interest in this interval.The new Berea horizontal oil play is of significant interest to the energy industry because of shallow drilling depths (less than 1,600 feet vertical depth), good production rates, and ...

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12/05/2017 · The Berea is now known to be Famennian (~latest Devonian), based on palynomorph microfossils. The Devonian-Mississippian boundary may lie within the Berea Sandstone. A Kinderhookian-aged conulariid has been found in the basal part of the overlying Sunbury Shale. The Berea Sandstone has been quarried as building stone in northeastern Ohio.

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Recent production of light sweet oil from shallow (~2,000 ft) horizontal wells in the Upper Devonian Berea Sandstone of eastern Kentucky and historical oil production from conventional wells in the Berea of adjoining southern Ohio has prompted re-evaluation of Devonian petroleum systems in the central Appalachian Basin. Herein, we examined Upper Devonian Ohio Shale (lower Huron Member) and ...

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The Sylvania Sandstone is a geologic formation in Ohio and Michigan. Its type locality is Sylvania, Ohio. It preserves fossils dating back to the Devonian period.

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Diverse assemblages of well preserved miospores and microplankton have been obtained from a series of samples collected across the boundary between the Bedford Shale and Berea Sandstone Formations in central Ohio. The miospores indicate a Late Devonian (pre-Carboniferous Tournaisian)* age for each of the samples. The microplankton support this age determination.

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The age of the Bedford Shale and the Berea Sandstone is changed from Late Devonian and Early Mississippian to Late Devonian only (late Famennian) in the Michigan and Appalachian Basins because of the realignment of the Devonian-Mississippian boundary in the United States with the accepted Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in Europe.

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Mississippian Berea Sandstone, Cuyahoga Group, Logan and Blackhand Formations - These siltstones and sandstones with minor conglomerate were sorted and deposited in deltaic complexes from material eroded from the Acadian Mountains (Late Devonian uplift) to the east.

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Berea Sandstone at 12 stops along the Black River in Elyria, OH (Figs. 1, 2). Using informal names, the Elyria section comprises Berea Sandstone, over red "Red Bedford" Shale, over grey Bedford Shale (with siltstones), over Cleveland Shale (Fig. 3). Their ages are slightly uncertain. The Devonian/ Mississippian boundary has been placed at the base of the Bedford (Pepper et al. 1954), possibly ...

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Berea Sandstone Petroleum Cores. For the past 30 years, Berea Sandstone core samples have been widely recognized by the petroleum industry as the best stone for testing the efficiency of chemical surfactants, Berea Sandstone with its excellent physical and chemical characteristics makes it perfect for milidarcy testing. Get More

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Age of the Bedford Shale, Berea Sandstone, and Simbury ... · Fichier PDF

ABSTRACT The suggestion by Sanford (1967, p. 994) that the Bedford Shale, Berea Sandstone, and Sunbury Shale of the Michigan basin are of Late Devonian age because these strata contain Hymenozonotriletes lepidophytus Kedo is invalid for these formations in the Appalachian basin, the area of their type localities.

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SILURIAN, DEVONIAN, AND MISSISSIPPIAN HYDROCARBON-RICH HORIZONS IN NORTHEASTERN KENTUCKY: PERSPECTIVES IN THE FIELD Saturday April 18, 2015 Field Trip Leaders Frank Ettensohn Charlie Mason Tom Lierman Modified and Compiled by Richard Smath, ... Berea Sandstone ...

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